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Our team installs HID access control systems at each door that is ready for the system. We pull Cat5 cabling to each designated camera location and install the HD IR cameras. The camera system is a POE system. We install DirecTV systems, televisions (48"-55" depending on gym size) and Audio Fetch. An audio package is installed at the gym as well.


Either Mood Media or Rockbot is accompanied with the audio package. Since the gym is accessible every hour of the day, a Honeywell panic system is provided with necklace fobs that will alert the necessary authorities when a fob is pressed.


The gym is also provided with at least one MyZone system. That display ranges from 48"-70" depending on the gym size and franchisee. A setup of the desk is also done before a team leaves. That entails a computer, printer, audio receiver and NVR camera system. End user is thoroughly walked through each system to ensure they are comfortable with the system.


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